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What are your hours of Opertations?
We are open from Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Saturday 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
We are closed on Sunday.

Can I get samples of your invitations?
At the present time we do not give samples. You are free to visit our showroom to see our entire collection.

How much time will it take for the complete procedure for an order ?
Once the customer approve the final proof same day , 1-3 days & If cards are Manufacturing process 1 – 10 working days. Plus the courier.

How do I choose font styles, ink colours and clipart?
You can view it online

Can you design custom wedding invitations?
All invitations under the Paradise designer collection cards can be customized.

What is a proof?
A proof is a black and white document the we prepare. After we review it we'll email/fax over to you so that you can check for mistakes such as spellings, addresses or even for the font you selected for your invitations. All changes can be made at this stage. After you advise us of the changes to be made, we will send you a final proof for your signature. Once the proofs are approved by you, we will print your invitations.

Which are the courier services you offer for shipment?
DHL, UPS, Fedex.

File Preparation
Converting all your art work for printing from RGB and CMYK gives you more control over the final result of the colour. If any concerns arise, we will contact you immediately

What is the bleed and why is it so important?
The bleed is a 0.2 inch section that surrounds the edge of the printed dimensions. All images , text and colour fills that are intented to extend to the edge of the page should be extended 0.2 inch to create a bleed. If you are designing either a business card, flyer,brochure, or postcard for print.

Which File Type formats are Accepted?
We prefer provide print ready PDFs

Which type of file format will provide the highest quality output for my print ?
We highly recommend PDF as a default file format. When providing your PDF, please ensure that it is saved as a 'Press Quality' document

When you save your artwork as a PDF it ensures that all fonts and images are embedded within the document, and maximum image quality is maintained when it is saved as 'Press Quality'.
We accept

How should I send Booklet Artwork?
Use Printer Spread

Ordering Online
How can I order online?
Website still under construction.

Pricing ?
Please contact us with your requirements.

Turnaround Times
When will I receive my Order?
Most order will be ready in 1-5 working days.

Download Templates
Can you help me prepare my artwork?
Yes of Course and you have two options:
You can send a request on email or you can come down to our shop

I don't know how to design for print ?
No problem. We can covered that .

What type of service you provide?
Please check our service.

Uploading Files
How can I send my Artwork?
The process of uploading your artwork is very quick and easy. Once you have completed the payment of your order, you will be prompted to upload your artwork. It is a simple process of clicking to find the file on your computer and then clicking 'upload'.

Reseller / Trade Price
Discounts on Print?
Our prices very competitive but it can be negotiated.