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Signage | Wedding banners

IDEA FOR Tradeshows, presentations, Wedding,
Birthday First Holy Communion, Welcome, Travel,
We Remember and more

This 30x80 inch premium vinyl banner and aluminum
stand system is incredible. Comes in a compact bag
carrying case. Easy to set up and use at any event or in
your location of business.

FULL COLOUR PRINTING on our premium indoor vinyl makes this
combination a perfect match for that individual with a
premium taste. Not to mention how quick it is to set up
and take down.

COLOUR MATCHING is not possible. We do not print Pantone colours on
standard runs.
For closest colour range, use the CMYK formulas from the Pantone
colour swatch you choose.
Please note that there is still no colour match guarantee.

BORDERS AND TYPE close to the edge may be cut off from
shifting during the trimming stage. We recommend not
using borders or type close to the edge.

TURNAROUND TIMES 1-2 days and if the design is ready same day.
If your order is time sensitive, please make the
proper arrangements to meet your in hands requirements