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Wedding Products | Blooming Blossoms Ecru Invitation in Raisin

Blooming Blossoms Ecru Invitation in Raisin
Your invitation wording is elegantly displayed next to a border of blossoms in a raisin pocket. An ecru invitation is layered on top of a gold backer card. The design on the invitation and enclosures will always be printed in raisin to match your text. Enclosure cards are available to complete this ensemble.
Closed: 5 1/4" x 7 3/8", Open: 5 1/4" x 13"

• The design is part of the invitation and cannot be changed or removed and will always be printed in raisin.
• The heading on the enclosures will always be printed.
• Layout is available only as shown for invitation, enclosure cards, accommodation card, direction card, and tab/seal.
• Enclosure cards are sold separately.
• Direction cards and small rectangle tabs are sold separately, shown below.
• Production time is 3 working days.
• For printed envelopes, please select a complementary ink color.
• Please contact your local post office before mailing, as extra postage may be required.
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